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Four ways event planners can get ready for the spring conference season
If you’re like many meeting planners that work in conference and professional development event management, your peak season is the spring. Part of the nature of a meeting planner is to expect the unexpected while staying organized, giving yourself plenty of lead time, and having a backup plan in place. These tips will help you stay ahead of the game throughout spring conference season.
Why your special event should have an exercise program
When planning conferences and other events that require a lot of sitting, build some “moving around time” into the schedule. It will keep the attendees more engaged and ensure more attention for the speakers – all of which would be good news for the client hosting the event.
Event logistics for a mindful experience
Logistics, the process of planning, organizing and managing activities, is the essence of the event industry. Event logistics can encompass all planning phases of an event; however the focus of this article is on the end game: the logistics of event execution with guest participation in mind.
Group bookings: Getting the total package
For an event to make an impact, partner with a venue that can cover everything on a planner's checklist and accommodate group bookings of any size.
Three items to consider for an event’s carbon reduction plan
From lowering energy consumption to limiting waste, hosting large or small low-carbon events not only raises awareness of climate issues, but can accentuate a business’ commitment to reducing its footprint. Here are three points to consider when planning such an event.
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