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January 24, 2017
Hotels respond to desire for unique experiences
Hotels are no longer just a place to sleep or eat; they have become social connectors, ambassadors of all things local, as well as tangible extensions of a community. The shifting idea of status in North America and the rise in technology are pushing guests to desire an authentic, immersive experience, one that is unique and sets them apart from their community of friends and colleagues on social media.
Pooled asset management underpins CF-IMCO deal
The founding partners of the Investment Management Corporation of Ontario (IMCO) have acquired a 50 per cent interest in Cadillac Fairview’s Vancouver portfolio.
Organizational changes linked to physical, mental health sick leave
Organizational changes, such as renovating physical office space, downsizing and job re-design, negatively affect the health and well-being of Canadian employees, states new research released today.
Broadening Your Financial Perspective
As a property manager, you know what it’s like to be in charge of everything from building security and maintenance to tenant communications and marketing. However, another aspect of being a property manager is to work with the property’s finances to achieve a goal that is determined by the owner. If the owner of the property puts you in charge of the complicated task of increasing earnings, you have to know what you’re doing.
Commercial real estate outlook for 2017: report
Political unrest and rising protectionism are causing skepticism among commercial real estate owners, occupiers and investors in the current market and year ahead.
New Canadian context for real estate education
The newly released textbook packages universal principles and domestic context into one 500+-page compendium devised to impart a grounding in real estate fundamentals, transactions and the multidisciplinary oversight of income properties.

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Understanding code creep
Understanding code creep and why Canadian property owners need to be aware of foreign policy when it comes to tenant improvement and retrofit opportunities.
Canada fosters innovative building design
Two Canadian facilities are 2017 winners of ASHRAE Technology Awards for innovative building design that enables sustainable and energy-efficient operations.
PRSM helps reduce retail refrigeration costs
The Professional Retail Store Maintenance Association has released a new white paper that describes how refrigeration systems operate and ways to avoid unnecessary maintenance costs.

Property managers downplay cybersecurity risks
More connected buildings and shared networks create easier access for cyberattacks and privacy invasion. Property management companies can no longer take chances and hope for the best.
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