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Streamline site plan approval: Ontario architects
Toon Dreessen, president of the Ontario Association of Architects, is renewing the OAA’s call for a streamlined site plan approval process, citing its impact on the end product: buildings in which people live and work.
National home sales set new record for April
Canadian home sales rose 3.1 per cent from March to April to set a new record for the month, according to statistics released by the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA).
Demand for new GTA condo units grew in Q1
During the first three months of 2016, there were 5,615 new condominium units sold across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), a 32 per cent increase year-over-year, according to Urbanation Inc.’s recent first quarter market results.
Repair Pipes Without Disrupting Residents
As a property manager or owner, you have two repair options for pipe system issues: a traditional re-pipe, in which pipes are removed and replaced, or an in-place pipe coating method where a technician uses existing access points to clean pipes and apply a barrier coating. The latter allows you to repair pipes without forcing residents to vacate.
Toronto's luxury real estate market on the rise
According to a new report released by Christie’s International Real Estate and Canadian affiliate Chestnut Park Real Estate of Toronto, Toronto is the world’s second-hottest market for luxury real estate, following Auckland, New Zealand.
B.C. real estate consumers protected by new regs
British Columbia Finance Minister Michael de Jong recently announced new regulations that will help real estate consumers make informed decisions about contract assignments before accepting an offer on their home.
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Rule tweak proposed for gas furnace retrofits
Pending updates to Canada’s energy efficiency regulations will tighten minimum energy performance standards for 20 categories of commercial and household equipment and appliances, but will relax an existing requirement that has proved problematic for gas furnace retrofits in multi-residential buildings.
U.S. real estate gaining Chinese investment
Backlash against offshore homebuyers in traditionally favoured Canadian and Australian cities is now touted among the factors encouraging Chinese investors to explore real estate options in the United States.

Taking the emotion out of tree removal decisions
Trees provide many benefits to a property, such as shade from the sun, sound and pollution absorption, and a dose of nature in what might otherwise be stark urban environment. Residents can also become emotionally attached to particular trees, so the decision to remove one can rarely be taken lightly.
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