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Small deals drive multifamily investment market
Canada-wide investment in multifamily properties is projected to dip in 2017, but with a few markets recording an upward trend. Analysts from CBRE also preface this forecast with last year’s higher-than-usual investment activity, totalling nearly $5.7 billion.
Ontario offers unequal electricity cost cuts
The Ontario government is unsure how many small manufacturers are newly eligible for the Industrial Conservation Initiative (ICI) since the minimum threshold for their participation was lowered last week. However, it is clear how many commercial customers have been included in the program expansion: none.
Energy efficiency in older stock apartments
Looking for ways to boost energy efficiency in your older-stock apartment buildings? We spoke with Mike Mulqueen, Lead, CDM Business Development (MURB) at Toronto Hydro for insights into the latest incentives and energy efficiency opportunities in 2017.
Post-Fire Restoration
For residents of a three-storey apartment building in North Vancouver, December 7th, 2011 was just like any other day until a fire broke out in the building’s electrical room. Dozens of people who called this building home were forced out of their units, just weeks before the holidays.
Concert CEO shares vision for affordable rental housing
On February 22, Concert Chairman and CEO David Podmore was a panelist on the Tyee’s sold-out “Home for Good” event, which explored bold solutions for solving Vancouver’s desperate need for more affordable rental housing.
Promise of age-friendly communities rings false
Recent analysis of how Canadian suburbs accommodate aging residents concludes that the streetscapes, housing mix and array of neighbourhood services and amenities typically fail to meet seniors’ needs.
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Province should address affordability: OHBA, OREA
The OHBA and OREA are calling on the provincial government to create a housing experts task force to provide ideas for increasing housing supply in Ontario, which would ease the growing home affordability challenges many Ontarians are facing.
Toronto cracks down on waste contamination
The City of Toronto is cracking down on bylaw infractions concerning the co-mingling of garbage and recycling in bins put out for municipal pick-up at multi-residential properties.
Preventative maintenance in defense of pests
Preventative maintenance of outdoor amenities is essential for effective pest management. By creating an integrated action plan that continues throughout the year, property managers will have a better chance of keeping unwanted critters out, and happy residents in.

Ontario enacts energy and water reporting reg
A provincial regulation has now been enacted to help large buildings cut down on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.
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