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Does the rental industry have an image issue?
The Federation of Rental Housing Providers of Ontario recently conducted a public opinion poll in combination with the latest data and census results. While the survey turned up a whole lot of confusion about legislation and government policies, it also indicated a lack of consumer confidence in rental housing’s ability to meet residents' needs, both now and into the future.
New ASHRAE standard affects multi-residential
Changes to ASHRAE’s new indoor air quality standard include requirements for multifamily residential dwellings, environmental tobacco smoke and operations and maintenance.
Multifamily energy upgrades address income gap
Advocates for American low-income households are calling for more flexible financing options to improve energy efficiency in apartment buildings.
New construction financing
New rental construction is a hot topic these days with the media hyping apartment builds as the “big thing” in Canada. While there are some people realizing great returns from new rental construction, the headlines don’t necessarily tell the whole story.
Sub-metering and the multifamily space
Sub-metering is nothing new, but the benefits continue to increase as more building owners and managers opt to switch to this user-pay system.
Alberta carbon fees to fund energy efficiency
Electricity will carry the heftiest surcharge for real estate operators under Alberta’s newly unveiled carbon pricing scheme, but the exact impact can’t yet be calculated.
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Chartwell acquires Wedgewood retirement resort
Chartwell Retirement Residences announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire the 109-suite Wedgewood Retirement Resort in Brockville, Ontario.
Aging facilities face increased pest pressure
While all buildings need protection against potential pests, older buildings can face increased pest pressures and unique challenges if left unprepared.

Balcony mishaps in residential towers
Stories of fatalities due to faulty balcony railings, structural deterioration, and unsafe behaviour are rampant in the news. Due diligence and education are key steps to prevent tragedy.
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