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What biophilic design does for workspaces
Sustainable features in buildings are no longer an enigma, but an expectation. However, health and wellness, a popular concept within the green movement, has yet to fully take root in the commercial built environment, specifically in the form of biophilic design. From green roofs and living walls to agritecture—the combination of architecture and agriculture—there is an increasing need for green space. Recent studies support the notion that designing with human wellbeing in mind will increase productivity and boost property values.
ASHRAE explores achievable energy savings
Researchers exploring achievable energy savings in commercial and multifamily buildings have identified 30 measures that could collectively outperform the ASHRAE 90.1 standard for energy use by nearly 48 per cent.
U of Toronto research building earns LEED Gold
University of Toronto Scarborough (UTSC)’s Environmental Science and Chemistry Building (ESCB) has been awarded LEED Gold
Six Energy Audit Tips for Buildings Managers
As utility costs continue to climb, it’s no surprise that building managers in both new and old buildings are experiencing increasing pressure from their tenants to take advantage of cost savings opportunities and to demonstrate that they have achieved the savings. An energy audit will provide a big picture of where the major energy savings opportunities can be found. Here are some strategies for getting the most out of an energy audit.
BOMA launches new sustainable certification
BOMA Canada has launched BOMA BEST Sustainable Workplaces to help buildings improve key performance indicators.
Canada's Greenest Employers named for 2016
A new list of Canada’s Greenest Employers for 2016 includes companies that have built environmental values into their workplace culture.
PARCO INC. Established 1966
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Alberta carbon fees to fund energy efficiency
As outlined in the 2016 Alberta budget, carbon fees will show up differently in the key utilities of electricity and natural gas, creating a blend of transparent and more nebulous new costs.
LEED milestones support hope for green buildings
There are now more than 1000 LEED Gold-certified buildings in Canada that make up 38 per cent of all LEED certification in the country.

Creating a context for sustainable parking
Land use planning and facility design can mitigate the inevitability of automobiles.
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