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Proactive sustainable repairs for aging assets
Opportunities to transform aging buildings into more energy-efficient assets arise when managers and owners look to replace and renew outdated technology. Certain components require attention during specific times of a building’s life cycle. When seeking to understand the amount of energy a building needs to operate and the heating capacity it actually requires, capital planning can help manage consumption goals.
Water efficiency gains high-performance profile
Water efficiency figures prominently in proposed updates to the ASHRAE standard for high-performance green building design, accounting for four of eight addenda now open for public comment.
Vancouver building to be Shigeru Ban's tallest
Pritzker Prize winning architect Shigeru Ban, renown for his deft use of renewable materials and disaster relief architecture, is planning to design his tallest structure ever for Vancouver’s Coal Harbour neighbourhood.
Cut Energy Consumption with Sub-metering
Sub-metering is more advanced and affordable than ever. Sub-metering ensures each unit pays only for the amount of energy used, creating a fair system that residents can feel good about. Here's how to turn your multi-residential building into a high performance asset.
MURBS in on new and improved CDM programs
Toronto Hydro is promising some perks for the multi-residential sector as part of its effort to reduce customers' electricity consumption by nearly 1.6 million megawatt-hours (MWh) before 2021.
Energy conservation critics rely on niche study
A new report questioning the cost-effectiveness of Ontario’s energy conservation programs extrapolates from a 2015 U.S. study to make its case, even though one of the co-authors of that study has warned readers not to draw wider inferences from her work.
PARCO INC. Established 1966
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Preparing heritage impact assessment reports
Heritage experts share tips on what to consider during the heritage impact assessment process.
LEED pilot aims to eliminate illegal wood
The USGBC is introducing a new LEED pilot Alternative Compliance Path (ACP) credit designed to help promote the use of legally verified wood, while eradicating illegal wood and advancing sustainable forest management.

Energy monitoring outside the building box
Many properties continue to make the mistake of failing to benchmark and frequently monitor their utility and energy consumption outside of the reporting scopes of BOMA BEST, LEED and GRESB, to name a few. However, tracking energy on a daily basis bridges the divide between climate and the built environment.
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