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1. B.C.'s economic growth due to housing sector
According to the Conference Board of Canada’s recent Provincial Outlook: Spring 2016, British Columbia’s booming housing sector will be one of the province’s main drivers of economic growth. In addition, B.C. will lead the country in real GDP growth with increases of three per cent, both in 2016 and 2017.
2. New Horizon Mall breaks ground in Calgary
New Horizon Mall, a new multicultural mall with more than 500 stores, will be the first in Alberta to sell retail space.
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3. Tenant protection attached to carbon pricing
Yet to be clarified language in Ontario’s recent Climate Change Action Plan hints that rental housing landlords could be uniquely prohibited among bulk fossil fuel purchasers from passing cap-and-trade related costs farther down the chain of consumers.
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4. Mobile device is top factor in booking a hotel
Results from a global study illuminate changing behaviours among Canadian travelers when finding the right hotel.
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5. ICYMI: Brexit uncertainty afflicts UK property market
Investor interest in London’s commercial and residential property markets is expected to regain vigour if United Kingdom voters opt to remain in the European Union.
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