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Mill restoration inspires waterfront development
Over the past several years, mills across southern Ontario have experienced a resurgence. Although the Elora Mill has lived previous lives as a distillery, stable, post office and hotel, the building is now the heart of Pearle Hospitality’s ambitious mixed-use waterfront development project that will transform the village’s commerce dynamic and ignite its creative industries. And like most projects that include heritage restoration, the planning process has endured stacks of paperwork and numerous public engagement initiatives.
Changes to national energy code for new builds
About 90 updates to the National Energy Code of Canada for Buildings 2015 have been implemented to improve the energy performance of new buildings.
GRESB launches health and well-being module
GRESB has launched a new module for property companies and developers to benchmark health and well-being among tenants and customers.
Cut Energy Consumption with Sub-metering
Sub-metering is more advanced and affordable than ever. Sub-metering ensures each unit pays only for the amount of energy used, creating a fair system that residents can feel good about. Here's how to turn your multi-residential building into a high performance asset.
The dirt on excess soil
MOECC's excess soil management policy framework, now up for review, seeks to better align the reuse of excess soil with existing waste regulations.
Canada's largest net-zero housing demo project celebrated
Canadian home builders gathered in Ottawa to celebrate their involvement in the country’s largest net-zero energy (NZE) demonstration project that resulted in the completion of 26 NZE across Canada.
PARCO INC. Established 1966
Bicycle Racks, Concrete Garbage Receptacles, Concrete Sign Stands, Ash Receptacles, Speed Bumps, (Rubber), Impact Handicapped Post, Ash Receptacles and Picnic Tables.
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New Canadian Landscape Standard released
The Canadian Nursery Landscape Association and the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects have released the Canadian Landscape Standard (CLS) First Edition.
Enercare acquires HVAC services and repair firm
Enercare Inc. has announced a wholly-owned subsidiary of Enercare Solutions Inc. will acquire HVAC service and repair firm Service Experts through a $340.75 million deal.

Net-zero project is building industry milestone
Reid Heritage Homes set out to build five net-zero energy (NZE) houses designed to generate as much energy as they consume annually.
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