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January 10, 2017
PMs downplay cybersecurity threats
Building systems are becoming increasingly connected to the Internet through new technologies that help property managers better serve and protect their tenants. But despite creating more functional assets, smarter components, from HVAC and lighting control systems to fire alarm and automated building management systems, also increase the chance of harming tenants. More connected buildings create easier access for cyber attacks, as unauthorized users, anywhere in the world, could find gaps. Property management companies can no longer take chances and hope for the best.
Top 14 CRE stories for 2017
REMI’s award-winning editorial team takes a look at the top commercial real estate stories from 2016 and how they will continue to impact the industry.
A primer for real estate investment decisions
Climate volatility, energy costs and a growing backlog of required capital expenditure are projected to drive real estate investment decisions in the near and long term.
8 Winter Maintenance Tips
Canadian winters are no walk in the park. From gusting winds and snow squalls to plunging temperatures and heavy snow falls, the weather this time of year can be hard to predict—and hard on buildings. But there are some steps property managers can take to guard against the potential damages of extreme weather. With prevention in mind, here are some winter maintenance tips all building managers should know.
Mixed-use plans for Golden Mile Shopping Centre
Plans for the Golden Mile Shopping Centre in Toronto will transform the site from a mid-1950s suburban community mall into a transit-oriented mixed-use community.
Finance sector strategizes office space amid digital era
A new report delves into how financial services will continue to be key drivers of office space demand, and how this sector is shifting towards workplaces that can be used as tools to attract and retain a new generation of top tech talent.

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ASHRAE publishes 2016 versions of refrigerant standards
The 2016 editions of ASHRAE’s major refrigerants-related standards have been published as a package with 30 new refrigerants and refrigerant blends added.
Fengate breaks ground on Oak West Corporate Centre
Construction has begun on the Oak West Corporate Centre in Oakville, Ontario, a new flex office development.
Commercial matting during winter
Entrance matting is a key way to prevent slush and snow from spreading thoughout a building and ruining floor finishes susceptible to salt damage. However, some industry experts in the building services sector notice that not all facilities properly maintain matting, even after spending thousands of dollars on the product.

Changing market challenges property managers
Changing market conditions, from urbanization and technology disruption to cybersecurity threats and more mixed-use space are all impacting the way buildings are managed. Leading property managers were recently on hand at a PM Expo seminar in Toronto to elaborate on these trends and discuss the skills newer managers will need to bring to an increasingly technical field.
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