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Tips to help first-time attendees build relationships before an event
Most of us can relate to being the new person in some form or another. It can be an awkward experience that may not encourage attendees to return. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could help people avoid that feeling for good, and actually help them look forward to attending your event? The key is helping them build relationships beforehand.
Trump shock: What can we learn from the U.S. election?
While many have professed shock at the presidential election results, these social tectonic forces that are now shaking the foundations of the political world have been building for decades.
How to create temporal landmarks and why they are crucial to your events
Science shows that “temporal landmarks”— both meaningful events and socially constructed calendar partitions — serve as milestones that help us form and retain memories and inspire action.
Caesars Windsor knows a thing or two about great events
Fall and winter don’t have to put the freeze on event planning. No matter the season, the Caesars Windsor Hotel and Convention Centre offers the amenities, entertainment and services to take your plans to the next level.
In the business of giving back
Convention centres are uniquely positioned to promote growth and prosperity within their communities. Hosting thousands of people a year, they are often left with an abundance of food and event collateral that can be given to those in need, and their connections within the industry are fertile ground for charitable partnerships.
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