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1. $2-billion GHG abatement fund set for 2017-18
The commercial real estate sector is primarily an indirect beneficiary of allocations in the 2016-17 federal budget, but the announcement of a pending $2-billion fund to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions could hold more promise.
2. Consultation dates released for Tarion review
The Ontario government released consultation dates and locations for the Tarion review, following a stretch of silence that, for some, raised questions about the terms of engagement.
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3. Saskatoon offers upside investment potential
Industry analysts suggest Saskatoon's current surge in vacancies presents landlords with an opportunity to reposition their properties for the return of better economic times.
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4. Organizations prepare for Generation Z
The first demographic cohort raised on devices is expected to drive the return to design basics.
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5. Laissez-faire seal to denote relaxed operations
A new certification program to recognize unobtrusive property management will help prospective tenants identify buildings with relaxed operations and no expectations of engagement.
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