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Developers dampen risk by reaching sales targets
According to the recent Toronto Housing Market Insight report from Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), most condominium developers in the city begin construction only when they have sold over 70 per cent of inventory, dampening risks associated with speculative building.
Modular builds could ease housing shortages
Cities that are facing housing shortages should push for more instances of modular construction to increase options for potential homebuyers and tenants, says Kasun Hewage, associate professor of engineering at UBC’s Okanagan campus.
City land-use regs cause rising home prices: study
According to a new study released by policy think-tank the Fraser Institute, municipal land-use regulations may to be blame for the falling supply of new homes in some of Canada’s largest cities, contributing to rising home prices.
5 Spring Cleaning Tips to Refresh Your Property
Spring has officially arrived! As a property manager, spring cleaning should be at the top of your to-do list, because winter residue can leave a parking garage looking extra dirty, litter that was trapped under the snow is revealed and overall, the building appears less than fresh.
National home sales dipped in June
According to the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA), national home sales fell 0.9 per cent from May to June, causing sales activity to dip 2.6 per cent below the record set in April 2016.
Vancouver developers to pursue zero emissions
Publicly owned rental housing will be thrust into the role of demonstrating how greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from Vancouver’s building stock can be significantly reduced. However, the city’s newly adopted Zero Emissions Building Plan (ZEBP) ultimately demands similar results from all types of new developments, with the goal of entirely eliminating emissions by 2030.
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Courts taking note of unreasonable positions
A board is tasked with the responsibility of managing the property and assets of a condominium corporation, but it must act reasonably in carrying out its duties. Courts are taking note of aggressive or unreasonable positions adopted by boards of directors, as the Couture v. TSCC No. 2187 case showed.
Devron hosts preview event for the Vanguard
Devron Developments recently held a private event to introduce residents of Thornhill, Ont. to the Vanguard, the company’s newest condo project.
Pasadena Apartments to become upscale condos
The entrance to the Pasadena may be one of few exterior clues as to the interior restoration that will transform the heritage-designated apartment building into upscale condominiums with modern amenities. In the property’s adaptive reuse, the front doors, which were updated to aluminum frames around the mid-century, will be returned to their original wood and glass.

Why good minute-taking matters in condos
A well-functioning condominium board has regular meetings, where a diverse group of individuals makes crucial decisions that affect their community. The responsibility is enormous and so is the liability. As a safety mechanism, Ontario’s Condominium Act requires every board to keep an adequate minute book, which serves to protect the board, property manager and residents of the condominium.
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