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Fort McMurray landlords monitor fire from afar
Although most of Fort McMurray’s real estate was outside the fire zone and unscathed when the city’s population emptied out under a compulsory evacuation order, the disaster has dramatically shifted landlords’ focus from Alberta's economic slump and its associated market challenges to more immediate concerns about the well-being of their tenants and staff and the security of their assets.
Northview announces Fort McMurray aid efforts
Northview Apartment REIT announced initial Fort McMurray aid efforts, which includes a plan to support the 645 families residing with Northview and the 30 employees that have been displaced by the devastating wild fires.
Rewards and risks of thermal energy metering
Thermal energy is becoming an increasingly popular way to heat and cool multi-tenant buildings. When implemented with sub-metering technology, it provides a way to accurately measure consumption and encourage conservation.
Financing Capital Improvements
Most owners of apartment buildings have either had to, or are currently contemplating capital improvements to upgrade building quality. While many owners consider building improvements, there is often uncertainty about how to finance those upgrades.
Lack of insurance puts UK landlords at risk
A vast proportion of UK landlords in the residential sector are putting their properties and finances at risk after failing to purchase adequate insurance on homes they are letting to tenants.
Ontario invests in social housing retrofits
Ontario continues to put its new Climate Change Strategy into action by investing $42.9 million in social housing retrofits in Toronto.
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New CFO for Starlight U.S. Multi-Family Core
Starlight U.S. Multi-Family Core is pleased to announce that Mr. Martin Liddell has been appointed by the Board of Directors as Chief Financial Officer to replace Tamara Lawson effective May 4, 2016.
Line paint fades faster under new regulations
In recent years, property owners and managers may have noticed that the line paint in their parking lots is fading more quickly, requiring more frequent reapplications. This may be due to new Environment Canada regulations that set a limit on volatile organic compounds in traffic-marking coatings.

Keeping up with residential tenancy laws
As the Canadian rental industry grows and changes, so do residential tenancy laws. We spoke with Joe Hoffer, Partner Cohen Highley LLP, as he addresses three significant areas of concern affecting all rental housing providers at this time.
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