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January 2017
Natural Life
Baby, it's cold outside

It may be cold outside, but your house will be warm and toasty with a reliable natural gas fireplace. These units can be installed without a chimney, which helps keep the heat where it belongs – inside. We’ll cheers our hot chocolates to that! To learn more about natural gas appliances, click here
Natural Fact:
Natural Gas is a clean, efficient, and reliable form of heating and energy that can keep running during storms and power outages.
Share the Natural Gas Advantage

We want to give you $100! If you have family, friends, or neighbours who may be interested in the comforts of natural gas, send them our way and if they make the switch, you’ll earn $100! Sharing is caring. To learn more, click here
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Understanding Natural Gas Rates

Your bill may seem complicated at first glance, but it’ll all make sense once you see how the rates and charges are broken down. We’ve created a short video to help explain, and show how we’re bringing better to your natural gas bill. Check it out
Community Connections

Don’t use the cold as an excuse to stay in! Warm up by rocking out to the classic tunes of Colin James Live at Casino New Brunswick in Moncton, on February 10th. For a list of events happening around New Brunswick, click here.
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Natural Gas Rates Update

In December, the New Brunswick Energy and Utilities Board approved our application for adjustments to 2017 natural gas distribution rates. As a residential customer you may see a small increase in the total annual cost of natural gas (less than 1%) but you will also continue to see annual savings of 20% over electricity. For more information on the approved 2017 distribution rates & charges, click here.
Winter Safety Tips

With this winter wonderland comes a few extra safety precautions when it comes to maintaining your natural gas meter. Make sure to keep the natural gas meter, exhaust vents and surrounding piping clear of snow and ice by using a brush or broom, never hot water, to keep them clean. Check out more winter safety tips here.
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You Asked:

Why aren’t natural gas commodity prices regulated?

Where Enbridge Gas New Brunswick does not earn a profit on the sale of natural gas supply, like the other gas marketers licensed by the NBEUB do, the utility does offer a regulated commodity product - Enbridge Utility Gas (EUG). This allows us to provide competitive pricing and pass on the savings to you when our costs go down. Licensed natural gas marketers offer natural gas priced in a variety of ways that could be advantageous too, including market-based, managed price and fixed price. As a natural gas consumer, you should contact the different natural gas marketers to find a product that’s right for you.

For more information on natural gas commodity options, click here.
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