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Technology and the modern tenant
As with so much of our lives, the way we search, rent, and live in apartments across the country is receiving a high-powered charge from ground-breaking internet technology. Whether you’re a tenant looking for a new place to live or a landlord trying to rent units, your future success lies in online services, software, and programs.
BOMA calls for fairness in energy reporting
The Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) of Greater Toronto warns that rental housing landlords could find themselves unduly embarrassed if energy and water consumption data is disclosed to the general public. This caution comes in sync with proposed legislation to mandate reporting of energy and water consumption in privately-owned buildings in Ontario.
Canada's most expensive rental markets
Preliminary data from the CMHC’s Fall Rental Market Survey show that average monthly rents are still rising in Calgary and Edmonton despite fewer Canadians moving there.
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Canada's purpose-built vacancy rate rises
Canada’s 35 larger centres saw the average vacancy rate in privately initiated purpose-built rental apartments increase to 3.3 per cent in October 2015, from 2.8 per cent in October 2014, according to preliminary data from the CMHC's Fall Rental Market Survey.
InterRent acquires two Burlington properties
InterRent REIT announced that it has entered into an unconditional agreement to acquire two properties, totaling 123 suites, within the city of Burlington, Ontario.
Cut down on electricity usage during the winter
Energy consumption can skyrocket during the winter, with lights switched on for hours each day and heat running around the clock. However, there are many things that managers and tenants can do to reduce electricity consumption during the winter.
Surprising facts about plastics recycling
Plastics recycling has evolved significantly over the past several years with the advancement of technology. From used packaging to bottles, plastics can enhance our economy and environment.
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Simple solutions for resolving tenant conflicts
To help make the tenant-landlord relationship a little more harmonious, we reached out to two industry professionals for their advice on curbing tenant conflicts before they snowball into costly debacles. At the centre of their strategies? The simple act of good record-keeping.