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What makes an event sticky?
Stickiness is a term which refers to the resonance of an event or learning experience on a person. So, how do we make our events sticky?
Five habits of hyper-productive people
Do you ever feel like someone you know can get more done in three hours than you can in an entire day? It’s not that he or she has some hidden supernatural powers.
How an effective program agenda can make or break your next event
A well-rounded program agenda, developed with the audience as the focus, will create a successful event, achieve your objectives and reap the benefits of the investment.
EVENTS ARE RISKY BUSINESS: HUB Entertainment understands what can take an event from awesome to awful. We help event planners across Canada rest easier with insurance and risk advice backed by years of experience. Be it large or small, festival, concert, tradeshow, fundraiser, award show, AGM, or the event no one’s thought of yet, let’s get the conversation started.
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