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Great events start with great engagement – even on a volunteer committee
The experience of a volunteer committee unfolds in a predictably scripted fashion, and a once-enthusiastic crew can succumb to dysfunction and under-performance. Thankfully, there are volunteer committees that are getting it right by fostering engagement throughout the planning process, delivering spectacularly successful meetings and events.
Uncertainty over travel ban puts business travel, economy at risk
In the week following the travel ban, approximately $185 million in business travel bookings were lost as uncertainty had a rippling effect on traveller confidence.
The faulty reasoning behind many conference education programs
As a conference organizer, we assume that if our speakers are talking, our attendees must be learning. It’s backwards thinking and it’s one of our industry's most dangerous assumptions.
Three items to consider for an event’s carbon reduction plan
From lowering energy consumption to limiting waste, hosting large or small low-carbon events not only raises awareness of climate issues, but can accentuate a business’ commitment to reducing its footprint. Here are three points to consider when planning such an event.
Going “all in” on group bookings
For an event to make an impact, partner with a venue that can cover everything on a planner's checklist and accommodate group bookings of any size.
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