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1. Deconstructing Ontario's Fair Housing Plan
In an effort to help increase the province’s supply of affordable housing and protect renters from what many are calling exorbitant rent hikes, the Ontario Government has announced a comprehensive package of measures, including: bringing in a 15 per cent foreign buyer tax; expanding rent control to include post-1991 buildings; allowing Toronto to impose a tax on vacant homes; and using surplus lands for affordable housing.
2. Net-positive energy office building to rise in Waterloo
Construction has started on a LEED Platinum, net-positive energy office building that produces more energy than it consumes every year. The project, in Waterloo, Ontarios' Idea Quarter, has been including its first tenant in the design process.
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3. Quebec landlords fear relaxed marijuana rules
Legalization of marijuana could intensify management challenges for rental housing landlords already dealing with smoker vs. non-smoker conflict among tenants.
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4. Scotiabank shifts gears with new Digital Factory
Scotiabank’s new Digital Factory in Toronto is designed to support the institution’s transition from a financial services company to a technology company that offers financial services, or fintech company, as these entities have come to be known.
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5. Can a condo owners meeting be discriminatory?
The Ontario Human Rights Tribunal dismissed applications alleging discrimination in a case of a special owners' meeting that fell on a religious holiday.
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