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December 2017
Natural Life
Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays from our family to yours

It’s time to celebrate with those closest to you and welcome in a new year, one that we at Enbridge hope will be filled with health, happiness and prosperity. Gilles Volpé, our GM, shares his Season’s Greetings and thanks for another amazing year with our employees, along with one of his own favourite holiday traditions.

Natural Fact
Natural gas was first used in street lights in New Brunswick in the 1800s.
Winter safety

Safety in the snow

Winter is fast approaching, and that means a fresh blanket of snow across the province. As a customer, it’s up to you to make sure your natural gas meter and equipment are clear of ice and snow during the winter months. If there’s a buildup, the gas meter may not work properly, which may affect the reading, and your bill. Learn how to remove ice and snow safely from your meter, here.

Ring in 2018 with savings

As a residential customer, when it comes to the great debate: natural gas vs. electricity, you can rest assured that you've made the right choice. The total cost of natural gas has been reliable and stable over the past number of years, and will continue that way. In fact, homeowners can expect to see 23% savings compared to electricity in 2018, and even more if the cost of natural gas is lower than expected. For a detailed look at the rates for 2018, click here.
Community Connections

Community Connections

As a proud supporter of the performing arts here in New Brunswick, we’re happy to give away two tickets to Susan Algukark, Ilannit (Sometimes), on Wednesday, January 31st in Moncton. Hailing from Arviat, Nunavut, she is known as one of Canada’s most unique and honoured artists, and we’re looking forward to her performance at Capitol Theatre.

For your chance to win, email newsletter@enbridge.com by December 31st, 2017. The winner will be announced January 3rd, 2018. For more information on the show, click here.

There are plenty of events happening this season across the province. Check out our blog post, here.
Join The Conversation!
paperless billing

Win with paperless billing

You could win one of two $500 credits on your account when you sign up for paperless billing by December 31, 2017. Not only will you have fewer papers cluttering up that hallway table, but we’ll make a $5 donation to United Way for every customer that goes paperless. Learn more about our range of billing options. Click here.
Have Your Say

Have your Say

Residential customers are invited to join our online advisory panel. Help us improve your customer experience and have a chance to win a $200 credit on your account. Join today at egnbexperience.ca.
Why do we have to pay distribution charges?

You Asked:

Why do we have to pay distribution charges?

We get asked this a lot. The distribution charge is what the public utility must charge to cover the cost of operating the natural gas distribution system. In New Brunswick, natural gas is provided in an “unbundled” market, which means the cost of distributing natural gas to you is separated from the cost of the actual natural gas used. That’s why you see what looks like an additional charge. It’s really just a more transparent view of your bill, with the costs broken out further for you to see.

Many other utilities and energy providers also charge you for operating their systems and delivering services for you, but typically hide this cost in the final rate. For a more detailed explanation of the charges that appear on your bill, click here.
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