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August 2017
Natural Life
Benefit without Buying

Benefit Without Buying

Enbridge’s rental program lets you switch to natural gas appliances easily and cost-effectively. You can enjoy the comfort of natural gas at a low cost, while leaving the service and maintenance to us. To learn more about our rental program, click here.

Natural Fact
One gigajoule of natural gas has the same amount of energy as 26.18 litres of fuel oil, 39.53 litres of propane, or 277.78 kilowatt hours of electricity.

Enbridge Reaches 5 Years Without a Lost-Time Injury

July 18th, 2017, marked an amazing milestone for Enbridge employees in New Brunswick: 5 years without a Lost-Time Injury! Our employees have shown us what's possible when we put our focus on safety in all aspects of our work and home lives. Learn more about our commitment to safety.
Lights, Camera, Action!

Lights, Camera, Action!

A house is the setting, and natural gas is the star in the new video we are filming with Hill Bros. Home Builders. Discover the many ways natural gas can help turn a house into a home. To check out some behind the scenes action, click here.
Jeux de L'Acadie

Movies Under the Stars

Come join us at our FREE outdoor movie nights! Check out our calendar to find out where and when we’ll be in your city and get more info here.
Join The Conversation!
Enbridge + New Brunswick

Distribution Rate Update

Enbridge Gas New Brunswick is a regulated public gas distribution utility, which means that all adjustments to distribution rates and charges are reviewed and approved by the New Brunswick Energy and Utilities Board in an open and transparent process. On July 19th, we submitted a rate application for 2018 and 2019. To learn more about the application and the adjustments, click here.
You've got (E)mail

You’ve Got (E)mail

Now is the time to go paperless, with online bills accessed through myEGNB. It’s a secure and efficient way to receive your monthly Enbridge bill. Sign in when and where it’s convenient for you and view your bill online. To learn more and register now, click here.

You Asked:

How can I add luxury and function to my home?

Natural gas is one of the most cost effective forms of energy available to New Brunswickers. It can be used around the home for furnaces and hot water tanks, but also in many other household appliances. Stoves, clothing dryers, fireplaces, pool heaters and barbecues all run efficiently, safely and economically when used with natural gas. Check out what other appliances can benefit from natural gas. Click here.
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