Immersive hotels create unique experiences for corporate travellers
The economic downturn post 2009 and the rise of technology are two elements that have shifted the idea of status in North America, pushing hotel guests to desire a new experience: one that is interesting, unique and sets them apart from their community of friends and colleagues on social media.
Free speech: It is worth the price
Recent incidences have raised serious questions about the legitimacy of a right that once was taken for granted - free speech. There are those who argue that free speech should not be a fundamental foundation of society. They instead view it as a dangerous activity that must be controlled or even eliminated.
How to help your client find the perfect gift
You always go above and beyond in planning your clients’ events, so when they ask you to find gifts for their guests, you may wonder: “How hard can it be?” But many event planners end up wasting time because they didn’t have all the information needed before suggesting ideas.
Celebrating Canada’s Birthday and Record Tourism in Ottawa
It’s a banner year in the nation’s capital as Ottawa celebrates the 150th anniversary of Canada’s Confederation with record-breaking growth in its meetings and conventions industry.
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