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1. Toronto Community Housing in crisis
It has been another tumultuous month for Toronto Community Housing, Canada’s largest social housing provider. The city-run entity with a $9-billion portfolio is once again facing criticism for failing in the upkeep of its 59,000 units—despite a lack of funds, decaying stock, and a wait-list of more than 181,000 people.
2. Cities poised to terminate vacant unit rebate
Past, present and would-be recipients bristle at suggestions that the rebate is a subsidy or a disincentive to improve the marketability of their properties.
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3. UBC using Wi-Fi data to save building energy
A University of British Columbia engineer has come up with a way to use Wi-Fi to determine the number of people in a building and adjust its ventilation accordingly, allowing for energy savings without sacrificing air quality.
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4. Condo owners may be able to grow marijuana in units
A recent court decision may have opened the door to medical marijuana patients to grow a limited number of a marijuana plants in their condominium units for personal use, and condominium corporations may not be able to stop them.
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5. Q1 sees milder decline in downtown Calgary
Nearly 142,000 square feet of downtown office space was returned to the market in the first three months of 2017, but this is well off last year's pace when 2.3 million square feet emptied out over the course of 12 months.
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