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May 18, 2017
Class B & C commercial buildings eyed for CDM
Conservation keeners and stragglers are both vital if Ontario is to meet the ambitious target to cut 7 million megawatt-hours (MWh) from province-wide electricity consumption before 2021. These seemingly divergent constituencies will be key to sustaining performance in buildings that are already energy-efficient and capturing unexploited savings in buildings where few or no conservation and demand management (CDM) incentives have been deployed to date.
Green projects join CaGBC's Zero Carbon Building Pilot Program
The Canada Green Building Council has picked a diverse set of 16 green building projects across Canada to participate in a two-year pilot of its Zero Carbon Building Standard.
PROREIT to acquire four properties in Ontario, Atlantic Canada
PRO Real Estate Investment Trust (PROREIT) announced the conditional acquisition of four commercial properties worth $40.4 million.
Summer Planning Tips for Chillers and Boilers
Summer is the best time to consider replacing a chiller for the next cooling season, even if it seems like ages away. Old chillers are one of the biggest energy hogs in a building, and a big ticket item to change when the time is right. Summer is also the time to think about your boilers, too. Being proactive makes way for time and resources and helps managers and owners consider cost-effective options and incentives involved in the design and construction process.
New Built Environment Technology Association launches
A new international organization, the Built Environment Technology Association (BETA), has been established to help the real estate industry better understand and utilize contemporary and developing technologies for the built environment.
Ottawa's urban tech hub potential uptapped
Industry discussed Ottawa's buzzing office investment actitivy and the capital city's potential to be the 'next biggest tech hub.'

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Industrial market shows regional disparity: Q1
Canada’s two-billion-square-foot industrial market continued to experience robust demand in Q1 2017, as specific areas with diverse and growing tenant bases are nearing full occupancy.
Online spending impacts on commercial real estate
Online spending, sometimes also labelled ‘home shopping,’ is consistently achieving double-digit growth and slowly taking a bigger share of overall retailing.
Commercial electricity consumers mull decision
Many owners/managers of larger commercial buildings will soon have to make a first-time decision about joining Ontario's Industrial Conservation Initiative (ICI). With the threshold for eligibility now reduced to a monthly peak demand of 1 megawatt (MW), energy management specialists advise most office towers in the range of 350,000 square feet would meet ICI entry requirements.

Cities poised to terminate vacant unit tax rebate
Stakeholder consultation on the future of property tax rebates for vacant commercial and industrial space has been a rote exercise in Toronto given that City Council had already voted to eliminate the program two months prior to a recent public meeting to discuss the issue.
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