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March 21, 2017
How e-commerce is shaping warehouse space
Toronto has already outpaced Canada’s growth rate in the last five years. This larger population means a heftier consumption market, which is increasing the size and scale of warehouse and distribution space in order to meet e-commerce demand. There is also potential for more fufillment centres that store products closer to such large consumer communities, and some see this as opportunity in commercial real estate that industry should be more aware of.
Tech hub hopes federal budget boosts smart city innovation
The MaRS Discovery District released a white paper today that charts how tech companies are moving out of suburban research parks and heading to downtown cores.
Niagara Parks issues RFP for waterfront development
The Niagara Parks Commission issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) to invest in the Niagara Parks Marina property at Miller’s Creek, 22 kilometres south of Horseshoe Falls in Fort Erie, Ontario.
Advancing Light
Whether it’s for safety, function or aesthetics, lighting has a big impact on how a property looks and operates. Recent advances in technology have allowed for enhanced lightning solutions that are both energy efficient and affordable. Today’s buildings are outfitted with sleek LED lights and designs, and smart products that are intelligent, durable and long-lasting.
Nobu Toronto to merge hotel, condos and restaurant
Nobu Toronto, a new mixed-use development integrating condominium residences, a hotel and a restaurant, is coming to Toronto.
Getting cozy with high-density occupancies
Accessibility, ventilation, noise mitigation and privacy have become key design concerns as office floor plans are configured, or reconfigured, to accommodate more people than past workspace norms.

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Industry launches Building Energy Innovators Council
The Building Energy Innovators Council (BEIC), an industry-driven initiative, plans to accelerate the collaboration, innovation, and adoption of clean building technologies within Canada's real estate sector.
Slate Office REIT to purchase Dream office properties
Slate Office REIT (REIT) has acquired three office properties from Dream Office REIT, for a total purchase price of $165 million.
A healthy case for maintaining synthetic grass
Some say the grass isn’t always greener when it’s artificial, but new plant-based innovations are showing that it can be, both literally and in a sustainable way. Forces in the market are also renewing the case for synthetic turf, and maintenance is just one area experiencing its positive attributes.

Ontario offers unequal electricity costs cuts
An expanded perk for the industrial sector is expected to shift a greater share of Global Adjustment costs onto commercial customers, particularly those with monthly electricity loads less than 1 megawatt.
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