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1. Evergreen targets carbon neutrality with retrofit
Evergreen, a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote sustainable cities, is targeting carbon neutrality in the retrofit of its heritage-designated kiln building at Toronto’s Brick Works site. The project could offset 150 tons of carbon emissions through its planned design, construction process and operation, according to preliminary research. To put that figure into context, such a reduction would be comparable to saving 1,485 trees or taking 51 cars off the road annually, said an Evergreen spokesperson.
2. Promise of age-friendly communities rings false
Recent analysis of how Canadian suburbs accommodate aging residents concludes that the streetscapes, housing mix and array of neighbourhood services and amenities typically fail to meet seniors' needs.
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3. TREB opposes possible Ontario foreign buyer tax
The Toronto Real Estate Board says imposing a provincial tax on foreign buyers won't go far in addressing the real issue plaguing the GTA housing market: a supply shortage which is at more than a 15-year low.
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4. Largest wind facility in B.C. now complete
The 184.6 megawatt (MW) Meikle Wind power project, located approximately 33 km north of Tumbler Ridge, is utilizing 61 GE wind turbines and has the capacity to generate clean energy for up to 54,000 homes in the province.
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5. Saskatchewan gov moves to privatize janitorial services
Earlier this week, Saskatchewan confirmed it will transition to private contractors for cleaning services in all its government-owned buildings by July 1, 2017.
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