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October 2017
Natural Life
For Rent: One bowl of stale Cheesies

Enbridge Rental Program

Some of the things people rent are just silly. What isn’t silly are the natural gas rental options provided by Enbridge. We provide clean, safe, and reliable service to you and your family. Also, our new rental program offers outstanding benefits like no upfront costs, free standard installation, 24/7 customer support, competitive rebates*, free furnace and water heater maintenance, as well as guaranteed servicing.

The best part is, you can rent for as low as:

Natural Gas Water Heater


Natural Gas Furnace


Or bundle and rent both for only


Natural Fact
The average New Brunswick household uses about 81 gigajoules (GJ) of natural gas a year.
Are your appliances ready for winter?

Appliances ready for winter?

We may not be ready for winter, but it’s on its way. With the changing of the seasons and the harsh conditions that come with it, it’s important to get appliances ready with a maintenance appointment. This helps them run as efficiently as possible, keeping your home comfortable and your operational costs down. To learn more about the maintenance of your appliances, click here.
Calling all Masterchefs

Calling all Masterchefs

Chefs all over the world are embracing the direct heat and control of cooking over a natural gas range. And you can, too. With a flame that can be lit manually in case of a power outage, you can be whipping up five-star meals from the comfort of your home kitchen anytime you want. Read up on the ways natural gas will enhance your cooking experience. Click here.
Community Connections

Community Connections

The great thing about Halloween is that it is for everyone. From little pirates and princesses to big pirates and princesses, pumpkin carving and haunted houses, Fredericton has so many choices for ghosts and goblins of all kinds. For a list of things you should check out during this ghoulish season click here.
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United Way

Imagine the Impact

At Enbridge, we proudly support the local United Way campaign every year with outstanding employee participation rates. Adding to its employees’ generosity, Enbridge matches donations received from its staff. This year our generous employees raised $65,787.52 to benefit local United Way agencies! To learn more about Enbridge’s commitment to the United Way, click here.
Appliances That Pay Off

New Appliances That Pay Off

Get a new appliance, and a free credit to run them. For a limited time, existing customers can show us proof of purchase of a new natural gas appliance, and we’ll credit you $100 on your account. Enjoy the benefits of your new appliances - on us. For more details on this special offer, click here.
Why does natural gas smell like rotten eggs?

You Asked:

Why does natural gas smell like rotten eggs?

In its purest form, natural gas is odourless. The smell associated with it comes from mercaptan, which is added to natural gas so it can be detected in the air at very low concentrations. Rest assured, when you choose natural gas, you’re choosing a safe energy for your home. Discover the ways in which you can put safety first, right here.
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