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Can event venues cancel your contract concessions?
Venue contract concessions can be wide-ranging and are prioritized differently for each event. Planners need to know when the venue has the right to revoke contingent concessions – and when concessions are earned. Planners must be astute to the nuances in contract language and negotiate the best scenario for their event.
Five ways to radically multiply your time and boost productivity
As fast-paced as today’s business world is, we all want to get more done – and in less time. Happily for modern professionals, it’s never been easier to take back control of your schedule and your working life.
Best practices for site selection and sourcing corporate meetings and events
Jennifer Glynn and Joe Nishi share insights on key points to consider when sourcing your next program, either with a professional partner or by yourself.
Group bookings: Getting the total package
For an event to make an impact, partner with a venue that can cover everything on a planner's checklist and accommodate group bookings of any size.
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